Notown-Tess Collins


Tess Collins

BearCat Press, May 7 2013, $13.00

ISBN: 9781937356316


Randi Jo Gaylor grew up in the Appalachian hovel Notown, the poorest part of Kentucky.  Everyone in impoverished Crimson County knows the hierarchy of Contrary being the “Big Show” all thrive for but few achieve; Quinntown being home to mostly white trash; and Notown residents recognized as retarded white trash.


Amazingly over her forty plus years and having a Seraph Fear Angel as a companion, Randi Jo always sees the glass full.  She has been a guardian angel to her kin and friends by covering up homicides and other transgressions.  However, someone threatens her and more important her beloved daughter Tallulah who lives with her father Connor Herne and his wife Rory.  For the first time in her life, Randi Jo becomes a full citizen of Notown as she plots murder on that day but learns killing is not that easy once the whole truth is known or does knowing just the facts justify slaying a person trying to kill you.


The first Midnight Valley Quartet tale is a leisurely-paced engaging look at growing up in Appalachia.  Character driven, readers will enjoy touring Notown with Randi Jo as their guide as she makes delicious Sno Balls seem like a gourmand’s delicacy while stalking with a prosthetic legged ally an adversary who wants her dead.


Harriet Klausner


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