Belonging-Karen Ann Hopkins


Karen Ann Hopkins

Harlequin Teen, Apr 30 2013, $9.99

ISBN: 9780373210817


A widower, Dr. Cameron relocated with his children (Rose, Sam and Justin) from suburban Cincinnati to rural Meadowview, Ohio where he accepted the position of a hospital’s ER chief.  Their Amish neighbors welcome the family.  Teenage Rose did not want to leave their home until she met Amish Noah Miller.  Attracted to one another, his Amish heritage disallows him to court an Englisher; he would be shunned unless she turns Amish (see Temptation), which she agrees to do.


Hostile Bishop Lambright, his wife and four other men including Noah’s dad inform Rose she must learn the Old Amish Ways if she wants to be with Noah.  Elderly Ruth Hershberger appears to tell Rose she will live with her as her mentor becoming part of the congregation before Noah does.  Additionally she will not see Noah until she proves she is Amish inside and out.  No transgressions are allowed.


The second Rose and Noah young adult romance is an intriguing tale as readers observe the brave Englisher’s new lifestyle including abandoning her family while rotating with what happens to Noah.  The storyline starts leisurely paced as Rose cleans pots and makes new friends.  However Noah’s former intended Ella, abetted by Levi increases her hostility towards the outsider; which leads to errors by the lead couple in a fun twisting forbidden teen romance.


Harriet Klausner


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