Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord-Tiffany Clare

Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord

Tiffany Clare

St. Martin’s, Apr 30 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9781250008039


In 1846 London, Marquess Tristan Bradley is a charming rake who loves to seduce women.  His rep is known throughout the Ton.  Thus when debutante Lady Charlotte Lindsey asks him to dance he is taken aback as no innocent would want to be seen with him especially in the beginning of her first season. 


Based on three years of intense studying of the Mayfair Chronicles for the ideal Roué, Charlotte thinks Tristan is perfect as she needs the philanderer to ruin her rep so as to avoid an undesirable marriage to a nasty fiancé.  Tristan thinks Charlotte is perfect as an expendable tool to destroy her fiancé, his enemy Mr. Warren.  As they fall in love, he suggests they wed, but she has doubts.


The latest Dangerous Rogues early Victorian romance (see Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady) is an historical though the protagonists and key support characters never seem quite right with how they behave especially to adversity.  Still readers who enjoy a gender war in which the beloved enemies have a common foe (my enemy’s enemy is my lover) will want to read bodacious Charlotte’s Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord.


Harriet Klausner


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