As Twilight Falls-Amanda Ashley

As Twilight Falls

Amanda Ashley

Zebra, Apr 30 2013. $7.99

ISBN: 9781420130393


Free-lance writer-photographer Kadie Andrews gets lost in Wyoming while working on a story about ghost towns.  She crosses a wooden bridge during a storm but runs out of gas.  Her cell phone fails to work.  Vampire Darrick Vaughn welcomes her and takes the reluctant human to a tavern for coffee.  He then takes her to a vacant house for her to stay.  Vaughn claims her as his.  However, master vampire Rylan Saintcrow says she belongs to him.


Human Donna tells her no one leaves town.  Kadie tries to walk across the bridge but cannot complete the trek.  She notices a special house that gives her the chills.  At night Vaughn takes her to a restaurant but he does not eat.  She joins a reading group where she learns the town contains a vampire coven of eight males and one female.  They warn her of Saintcrow who no one has seen in years.  Kadie tells Vaughn she wants to leave.  He says she cannot and calls her his private stock.  Saintcrow arrives and informs her everyone in town belongs to him.  Saintcrow wonders why he needs Kadie as she is the first woman he invited into his Blair House.  As they fall in love, the couple learns her father is aligned with hunters as he needs Saintcrow’s blood to save his dying other daughter.


Readers will believe vampires run a city in which humans cannot leave (the Eagles’ Hotel California) though with the horror in Cleveland, the concept becomes much more nightmarish.  The star-crossed romance is nicely developed as is the transformation of Saintcrow although he is too powerful; ergo limiting suspense.


Harriet Klausner


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