No Strings Attached-Kate Angell

No Strings Attached

Kate Angell

Kensington, Apr 30 2013, $9.95

ISBN: 9780758269201


In the town of Barefoot William, Florida, the century old Cates and Saunders feud is legendary.  Though there are throwback Neanderthals, the hostilities appear ending since Shaye Cates and Trace Saunders married and a child due any day (see No Tan Lines). 


International beach volleyball player Dune Cates was a key player in the economic recovery of his hometown, but also paid the price of the Good Samaritan with tendonitis in his wrist.  He avoids Trace’s sister Sophie as he is a no strings player and she is an attraction.  Sophie worships the sand Dune walks on since he heroically rescued her from bullies as a child.  However, lacking self-esteem, Sophie knows she cannot compete with the international beauties that flock to Dune, but takes a chance on life for the first time and soon afterward on love.


The latest Barefoot William feuding families’ romance is an amusing frolic as a reticent local and a beach volleyball superstar hesitantly admit to themselves (but not ready to tell the other) they are in love.  Readers will enjoy this amusing romp.


Harriet Klausner


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