Special Forces Father-Mallory Kane

Special Forces Father

Mallory Kane

Harlequin Intrigue, Apr 23 2013, $5.50

ISBN: 9780373696871


In New Orleans, Army Special Forces Officer Travis Delancey spent four months in a hell hole as a prisoner of war.  Dreaming of his college sweetheart Kate Chalmet kept Travis barely alive.  When he escaped he spent a month at Walter Reed before driving from Bethesda shaking all the way to his hometown New Orleans to see his beloved even before his family though he expects a tundra welcoming having deserted Kate twice before.


Psychiatrist Dr. Kate Chalmet looks into whether Senator Myron Stamps was sane when he committed assault by a deadly weapon.  However, someone hires professional Bentley Woods to influence the shrink’s decision by his kidnapping her four year old child Max.  Travis arrives to see Kate for the first time in five years; he angrily learns he has a child and that son was abducted.  He, his Delancey brothers and their cousin hunt the kidnapper and those who hired him to rescue Max.


The latest Delancey Dynasty romantic suspense (see Star Witness and Death of a Beauty Queen) is a super tale due to a strong cast especially the protagonists and their offspring.  Although the premise of concealing the siring of a child from the biological father is an overused device, the portrayal of Travis, who suffers from physical and mental issues, makes for a strong thriller as he must overcome his problems to save his child he has not met.


Harriet Klausner


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