The Woman From Paris-Santa Montefiore

The Woman From Paris

Santa Montefiore

Simon & Schuster, Feb 5 2013, $25.00

ISBN: 9781451676686


In 2012 in the Swiss Alps, Lord George Frampton dies in a skiing accident.  Ten days later in his Hampshire home, his wife Antoinette, their three sons (David, Joshua (his spouse Roberta) and Tom) and his mother Margaret grieve their loss.  Also attending the funeral is Canadian Phaedra Chancellor; who David thinks love at first sight is inappropriate at his dad’s funeral.


Family attorney Julius Beecher introduces Phaedra to the Frampton family as George’s illegitimate daughter.  Everyone is stunned with different reactions.  Phaedra rejects her share of the inheritance, the Frampton sapphires even as her sweet kind disposition soon leads to the family warmly welcoming her.  However, David wants more than just a half-sister while Phaedra feels the same way about him.  However she conceals a dark secret that would rip asunder the Frampton family who she loves and due to her has come together.


The Woman From Paris is an entertaining family drama starring a fully developed ensemble cast.  The Frampton clan is dysfunctional with the one person keeping them together now dead; that is until Phaedra enters their lives.  Though readers will figure out Phaedra’s dark secret, love heals all types of emotional wounds.


Harriet Klausner


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