A Howl For A Highlander-Terry Spear

A Howl For A Highlander

Terry Spear

Sourcebooks, Feb 5 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9781402258930


American Gray Wolf and financial wizard, Salisbury Silverman stole a fortune from his clients including a Highlander werewolf pack.  Sal hides in his home on the Grand Cayman Island unaware of his fatal mistake when he absconded with the investment funds of Duncan MacNeil’s pack.  A guardian, Duncan has plans to deal with the thief; werewolf style as the governmental laws mean nothing to this commando when it comes to his pack.


At the airport, Duncan meets American botanist Shelley Campbell, who has come to Grand Cayman Island to research rare flora.  Shelley and Duncan are attracted to each other from the onset as he recognizes kinship and more since she contains wolf blood though lives outside a pack.  However, though nearly impossible to ignore his need for the plant lady; the Highlander knows he must remain vigil as his first task must remain Sal.


The latest Highlander werewolf romance (see Heart of the Highland Wolf and Dreaming of the Wolf) is an engaging lighthearted romp as love interferes with the respective missions of the lead couple.  Fast-paced from the first wolfish encounter, fans will enjoy Terry Spear’s entertaining howler.


Harriet Klausner


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