Austensibly Ordinary-Alyssa Goodnight

Austensibly Ordinary

Alyssa Goodnight

Kensington, Jan 29 2013, $14.00

ISBN: 9780758267450


Cate Kendall teaches high school English in Austin, Texas.  Her favorite author is Jane Austen whose novels she uses in her classes.  Though she dreams about an Austen brooding male sweeping her off her feet at a ball, Cate feels alone as she has no Darcy in her life and feels jealous of Elizabeth; though she enjoys her weekly scrabble games with teacher Ethan even if she never wins.


When Cate obtains a journal in which she writes an entry followed by something odd as if the book has ties to Jane Austen.  Suddenly following Austen advice, Cate attends galas where she meets a mysterious brooder while noticing Ethan acting different towards her.  From none to two admirers almost overnight, Cate will need Austen, Texas style, to navigate her romances.


The latest Austen in Austin romance (see Austentatious) is an engaging tale as Cate finds her groove confusing rather than enlightening but with Jane to guide her through the fog of relationships.  Although the storyline starts very slow (may be a down side to the unique approach as Austentatious v likewise) as readers meet Cate, once the teacher has the journal and Jane as her coach, the plot accelerates from Austensibly Ordinary to Austensibly fabulous.


Harriet Klausner


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