The Affair-Colette Freedman

The Affair

Colette Freedman

Kensington, Jan 29 2013, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758281005


In Boston, Kathy and Robert Walker have been married for almost two decades.  They have two children (Brendan and Theresa) and a successful film documentary company R&K Productions.  Needing a mailing address to send a perfunctory card, Kathy looks it up in Robert’s phone book.  In his book, she finds the one name she thought deleted from their lives, Stephanie Burroughs.  Several years ago Kathy believed Robert was having an affair with Stephanie and decides this time to find proof rather than just confront him as she did the last time.  However, he has made conclusions about their marriage and their film company that he conceals from his wife.


Rotating perspective between the wife, the lover and the man who loves both of them, The Affair is a deep look at relationships.  Character driven by the triangle, readers will be spellbound by the often illogical emotional musings of the protagonists as none of the lead trio is a bad person; only confused humans.


Harriet Klausner


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