Saving Gideon-Amy Lillard

Saving Gideon

Amy Lillard

B&H Books, Oct 1 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9781433677526


Dallas socialite Avery Ann Hamilton flew to Tulsa and drove a rental to Clover Ridge to surprise her fiancé Jack by telling him she no longer wants to wait a year to marry.  She assumes they will go on to Vegas.  Spotting the Mercedes she lent to him in a motel parking lot, she finds her beloved Jack with another woman.  Heartbroken Avery leaves knowing he wanted her father’s money not her.  On the drive back to Tulsa, the rain turns to snow and she crashes.


Gideon Fisher still grieves the deaths of his wife and son as he isolates himself from his caring Amish community; he no longer even attends church.  He rescues Avery who crashed near his farm.  Taking her to his home, the recluse cannot wait for her to leave, but Annie as he calls her ignores his desire; instead she plans to stay in hiding here while she emotionally heals from another failed relationship.  She soon has a greater cause; helping her reluctant host regains his faith in love.


The first Clover Ridge Amish romance is an enjoyable contemporary starring two mentally wounded warriors whose respective faith has been nuked by traumas though his is much more devastating.  Although I doubt the hermit would let anyone stay beyond an initial Good Samaritan response, this is a wonderful story of love between an Amish farmer and an Englisher socialite.


Harriet Klausner


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