Never Love a Lord-Heather Grothaus

Never Love a Lord

Heather Grothaus

Zebra, Dec 312012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420112443


In 1277, King Edward’s finest fighters lay siege to Fallstowe Castle where he wants captured the castle and its traitorous protector Lady Sybilla Foxe.  She knows her side cannot win but loathes giving up to the enemy.  The monarch’s soldier in charge of the assault Julian Griffin sends a missive by arrow that almost kills Sybilla who considers suicide rather than surrender.  He suggests they negotiate so no one dies today.  She answers with a fiery arrow with “you alone.”


Julian knows His Highness expects him to prove Sybilla betrayed the throne, but he is attracted to her beauty, intelligence and mostly her courage.  She finds a kindred soul in him and adores his infant child Lucy who he took with him (as well as Murrin her nursemaid) while they speak; still Sybilla believes they have no room to negotiate.  However, Sybilla remains ignorant to how much he knows about her family secrets though he wonders about the one she vows to die for rather than reveal and break a deathbed pledge.


The third Foxe Sisters series (see Never Kiss a Stranger and Never Seduce A Scoundrel) is a magnificent medieval romance starring two incredibly developed beloved enemies and a matchmaking baby.  The storyline is action-packed from the opening siege and never slows down yet also contains a strong emotional pull.  Fans will keep reading in one sitting this fabulous final fable with an obsessive need to know if love can bring together the legendary lady and the loyal Lord.


Harriet Klausner


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