Blood of Dawn-Tami Dane

Blood of Dawn

Tami Dane

Kensington, Dec 4 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780758267115


In Baltimore, someone is draining the blood out of teenage girls while they are sleeping with the latest victim being Stephanie Barnett; she has bite marks on her corpse.  FBI Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit Agent Jordon “JT” Thomas and intern (of two months) Sloan Skye investigate the serial killing even as the latter’s apartment is ablaze with her father’s research and that of her roommate Katie gone except for what Sloan memorized.


Baltimore PD Detective Forrester accompanies the PBAU pair as they visit Stephanie’s father Mike. His ex-wife insists he is a nut job who believes he is a vampire.  As JT and Sloan work the case, she realizes the only way to uncover the culprit is to ignore her logic thought process and embrace her other skills.


The third Sloan Skye PBAU paranormal police procedural (see Blood of Innocence and Blood of Eden) is an enjoyable investigative thriller that enables the audience to accept vampires are real.  The storyline is at its best when Sloan and JT work the case.  When the subplot dwells on the personal, it loses some speed.  Still fans will appreciate the escapades of Sloan as she faces her greatest fear: returning to her high school.


Harriet Klausner


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