An Amish Gift-Cynthia Keller

An Amish Gift

Cynthia Keller

Ballantine, Oct 30 2012, $16.00

ISBN: 9780345538130


When Shep Davis lost his job, he, his wife Jennie, their two teenage children (Tim and Willa) and Scout the dog move to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where the family patriarch inherited a home and a bicycle shop.  The Davis brood looks at the relocation as a fresh beginning as they reside among the Amish.


However, in spite of starting over tensions remain stratospheric between the parents.  Jennie becomes friends with her Amish neighbor Mattie Fisher as they share brisk walks.  Mattie’s optimism even when life seems most dire lifts Jennie’s spirits while a Tim comment inspires his mom to start a candy business.  Instead of abating the tension, her success and his struggles lead to more intense arguments as Christmas arrives along with a special visitor who brings hope. 


This is an engaging family drama that looks deep into how people deal differently with adversity especially when their loving relationships fracture.  Character driven, fans will enjoy this entertaining holiday fable as Jennie and Shep receive a wonderful Amish Gift of friendship.


Harriet Klausner


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