When Snow Falls-Brenda Novak

When Snow Falls

Brenda Novak

Mira, Oct 23 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778313717


Cheyenne Christensen hated her childhood when she, her older sister Presley and Mother lived in unheated cars and fleabag motels while many times going to bed hungry.  Now Mother is dying as they live in rundown home on the wrong side of the tracks in Whiskey Creek, California.  In spite of the squalid abode, Cheyenne feels good with staying in one place though strange memories of a smiling blonde woman haunt her.  She seeks the truth about her past, but no one including Mother will accommodate her


Good citizen Joe DeMarco asks Cheyenne out.  She is ecstatic as she secretly likes him, but soon realizes her BFF Eve loves Joe.  However, Cheyenne is also confused by her feelings for hell raiser Dylan Amos, the baddest boy in town who wants the real Cheyenne regardless of her DNA instead of the mask seen in public.


The second Whiskey Creek romance (see When Lightning Strikes) is a strong character driven contemporary starring a fascinating protagonist who hides her inner essence from everyone except Eve and the man who refuses to accept anything less than the genuine Cheyenne.  A mystery adds depth to a strong pathos character-driven tale.


Harriet Klausner


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