Hammer Head-Joe Dieckman

Hammer Head

Joe Dieckman

V Wind Publishing, May 16 2011, $11.00

PO Box 1031

Elgin, IL 60121-1031

ISBN: 9780982877302


He is an electrical engineer bullied to never take a respite by his affluent smothering parents.  The Boy is lonely and is considering suicide as he finds his life miserable due to the constant demands of his parents as he worked with his father, did his mother’s accounting for her businesses, and conducted research in his spare time.  Out of character he goes kayaking by himself though he never did anything remotely like this.  Boy has an accident while white water rafting, but gets ashore.  He walks in the woods until he finds a house.


Paw and his sons greet the injured Boy and take him inside their home where Maw helps him heal from his wounds and their young daughter watches him with curiosity.  Once recovered, Boy lingers with paw and his family as he finds inner serenity in this rural outdoors lifestyle.


Hammer Head is a fascinating character study starring a disillusioned urbane man finding solace with a seemingly primitive family while unable to achieve this with his biological parents.  Paw is the more interesting character as readers will appreciate his lifestyle.  Although it takes an adjustment to Paw’s vernacular, which also adds a sense of authenticity to the tale, fans will enjoy Boy’s contentment as Ferris Bueller says “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Harriet Klausner


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