Grace Grows-Shelle Sumners

Grace Grows

Shelle Sumners

St. Martin’s Griffin, Oct 30 2012, $14.99

ISBN 9781250003508


In New York until Day Zero, prime and proper textbook editor Grace Barnum led a tedious life.  On the job she dealt with pompous know it all demands to remove key passages from books by acting almost mousy and at home she and her perfectly boring boyfriend Steven never change routines.


On Day Zero, Grace’s totally predictable lifestyle abruptly and unexpectedly is nuked at a time she dressed out of character looking like a call girl when she and wannabe singer Tyler Wilkie meet.  They forge a platonic friendship with Grace rejecting her feelings for her new buddy yet she also hides her friendship from Steven as if she was misbehaving.  However, Grace becomes frightened when she learns the lyrics to Tyler’s songs focus on his feelings towards her as she cannot do that leap of faith to trust his and her love.


Grace Grows is an engaging contemporary romance starring an obstinate editor, a patient singer and a nice boyfriend.  The coming of age storyline leisurely moves forward as Grace Grows emotionally.  Though a key decision made by Grace seems inanely immature, readers will enjoy this well written character study.


Harriet Klausner


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