His Mistletoe Bride-Vanessa Kelly

His Mistletoe Bride

Vanessa Kelly

Zebra, Oct 2 2012, $6.99

ISBN 9781420114843


In 1817 her aristocratic maternal English grandfather Lord Merritt invites Philadelphian Phoebe Linville to visit him.  By the time the Quaker arrives in London, Lord Merritt’s grandnephew and heir Major Lucas Stanton informs the American that their mutual relative had died from an infection.  Though she seems unsteady, Phoebe insists that comes from an illness she caught while sailing for the last month and not the demise of her grandfather.  Her chaperone Mrs. Tanner insists Phoebe return to Pennsylvania where her half-brother will care for her, but Stanton says Merritt made arrangements for her that as her cousin several degrees apart will support.  Phoebe says she will stay in England.


When Phoebe and Lucas are caught kissing, they marry.  He takes his wife to Mistletoe Manor where he expects meek obedience from his bride, but receives instead a fiery woman teaching him to love again.


This is a warm holiday romance starring a wonderful heroine and a mercurial jaded hero who has seen horror in combat and betrayal in love.  Although the storyline is often used in the sub-genre, the strong cast and the Mouse that Roared make for an engaging Christmas gala.


Harriet Klausner


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