Practically Wicked-Alissa Johnson

Practically Wicked

Alissa Johnson

Berkley, Oct 2 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780425258033


At Mrs. Wraeburn’s gala, a drunken Viscount Maximilian Dane arrives in the library to find the furniture rather odd.  Already there is “the” Miss Anna Rees who explains that Lord Highsup cut the legs off when she was six years old.  He astutely states she is not six as he calls her the “Ice Maiden of Anover House” and she retaliates by naming him the “Disappointment of McMullin Hall.”


The pair is total opposite in nature as she prefers a quiet scandal-free life after growing up as the daughter of a courtesan who grew up in her mom’s environment while he relished wickedness as vice is the ultimate virtue.  They are attracted to one another, but she rejects his efforts for a tryst refusing to cede her Nearly a Lady status.  Dane thinks he may have to court Anna as An Unexpected Gentleman, but that goes against his hedonistic lifestyle.  Instead he tempts his beloved to come to his Practically Wicked world.


This is an engaging gender war historical romance starring two adversaries in love.  Fast-paced from the opening encounter, fans will enjoy the combat between the hedonist rake and the courtesan’s daughter as each knows love is not enough to bridge the lifestyle gap that separates them.


Harriet Klausner


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