Queen of the Waves-Janice Thompson

Queen of the Waves

Janice Thompson

Summerside, Oct 1 2012, $12.99

ISBN: 9781609366865


In 1912, her affluent father wants his spoiled daughter Jacqueline Abington to marry a kind peer.  Instead she decides to elope with the family gardener.  However, the get away with her scheme, she needs someone to take her place on maiden voyage of the Titanic.


Realizing she has an opportunity to start fresh away from her abusive father in America, Tessa Bowen agrees to masquerade as Jacqueline in luxury on the great ship.  On board, she meets New Yorker insurance businessman Nathan Patterson.  They are attracted to one another and she wants to tell him the truth, but fears that will leave her with nothing as he probably would reject her as not his equal.  Then that deadly night occurs.


This is a thrilling Edwardian Era romance that deftly uses the Titanic as a fantastic backdrop.  The lead couple is a powerful pairing while the super support cast brings to life the pre-voyage in England and the fatal trip.  Readers will enjoy the 1% and 47% falling in love while tragedy strikes.


Harriet Klausner


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