Beyond the Storm-Carolyn Zane

Beyond the Storm

Carolyn Zane

Abingdon, Oct 1 2012, 12.99

ISBN 9781426745973


The EF5 tornado rips Walterville before heading to the heart of the Midwest, Rawston.  Several people die as much as the small town is devastated.  Those who survived feel fortunate but fear for the uncertainty of their respective future.


Twentyish Doo Drop-In Hair Salon owner Abigail Durham finds a piece of a wedding dress.  She begins a quest to find other items from the rubble that were part of other people’s lives.  She is attracted to contractor Justin Girard, but feels emotional raw with what happened to her and her neighbors.  Meanwhile octogenarian quilt shop owner Selma Tully encourages making a memorial quilt honoring the townsfolk by using swatches from especially those who died. 


Paying homage to the victims of the devastating 2011 Joplin and the 2007 Greensburg tornados, Carolyn Zane opens up the Quilts of Love with a strong character driven drama.  Although there is stereotyping, the deep look at the aftermath on the survivors is insightful as Abigail wonders if the Lord abdicated as she ponders where in the hell was and is God?


Harriet Klausner


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