Follow My Lead-Lisa Renee Jones

Follow My Lead

Lisa Renee Jones

Harlequin Blaze, Sep 18 2012, $5.25

ISBN: 9780373797202


Reality TV show, Stepping Up, begins dance auditions for the second season shows.  Rival variety show hosts Blake Nelson and Darla James are hired as part of the new season.  Blake will film the opening auditions in Denver as he did with the successful first season (see Watch Me).  Darla has been named a judge though she must prove her worth if she wants the job for the entire year’s run; which she does to pay off her parents’ enormous debts.


Darla and Black may be competitors, but they are also attracted to one another.  He pushes a relationship while she hesitates.  Still they begin a secret tryst that if exposed will nuke their careers.


The enjoyable second Stepping Up season focuses on auditions and the shaky top secret affair, but neither subplot is fully developed as the heated storyline comes across as emaciated.  Still this is a fun read especially following the wannabe performers as they dance and the reactions by the judges to their performances.


Harriet Klausner


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