A Heart Made New-Kelly Irvin

A Heart Made New

Kelly Irvin

Harvest House, Oct 1 2012, $13.99

ISBN: 9780736943833


In Bliss Creek, Kansas, Annie Shirack and David Plank love each other.  Annie, who works for David’s mom at Plank’s Pastry and Pie Shop, wants to forge a relationship with him.  David does too, but refuses to act on his feelings because he struggles with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and refuses to allow his beloved the tsuris of dealing with someone with a potential death sentence.


Logan McGee robs the bakery so that he can feed Charisma and their two years old daughter Gracie.  Annie feels for the foolish lad while also taking into her home Charisma and Gracie.  As a desperate Logan compounds his mistakes, Annie tries to help her two guests start anew while praying for the Lord to persuade David they belong together even if their time proves short.


The latest entertaining Bliss Creek Amish drama continues the tales of the Shirack family whose parents died in a tragic accident (see To Love and to Cherish).  The cast is fully developed cast as two family members (younger brother Josiah) star in romances.  Readers will appreciate this strong character-driven tale as love never dies.


Harriet Klausner


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