Heaven Should Fall-Rebecca Coleman

Heaven Should Fall

Rebecca Coleman

Mira, Sep 25 2012, $15.95

ISBN: 9780778313892


The unexpected death of her mother in a plane crash emotionally rips asunder Jill Wagner’s world.  The grieving college student turns to her boyfriend Cade Olmstead for mental stability.  Needing family, Jill wonders why Cade refuses to introduce her to his New Hampshire farming parents though she meets his brother Eli back from a tour in Afghanistan when he visits them in College Park.


When Jill becomes pregnant, Cade takes her home to keep costs down.  At the Olmstead homestead, she meets his parents and sister while observing Cade change from caring mate to an angry paranoid.  Jill becomes frightened by him, his father and others while only PTSD sufferer Eli remains her tentative friend.  She concludes she and her baby must leave soon as she distrusts her mate when it comes to the safety of their baby yet passively delays her escape.


Heaven Should Fall is an intriguing family drama that rotates perspective between several characters as the female protagonist finds herself residing amidst raging long time hostilities.  The insight into the family members from their perspective brings to life the belief system of this New England clan.  While Jill’s codependence and acceptance appears reasonable, Cade’s abrupt metamorphosis feels improbable.  Still Rebecca Coleman provides an insightful regional tale.


Harriet Klausner


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