Breaking News-Fern Michaels

Breaking News

Fern Michaels

Kensington, Sep 25 2012, $15.00

ISBN:  9780758266064


In Charleston, South Carolina Toots, her friends (her daughter Abby’s Godmothers – Sophie, Mavis and Ida) and her new bakery partner Jamie, takes her care of her former housekeeper and friend Bernice recovering from bypass surgery.  Ida owns Drop Dead Gorgeous Cosmetics; Mavis owns Good Mourning Clothes; Sophia is a psychic; and Abby is in Los Angeles editing the Informer tabloid owned by her mom.  Toots hopes her stepson Chris and her daughter marry.


Ida says she has a new cosmetics line Seasons that removes wrinkles.  She wants her three BFFs to model it on the Home Shopping Club, but warns Sophie to behave.  Sophie likes her boyfriend private investigator Goebbels while Toots is attracted to Bernice’s cardiologist Phil who asks Toots out on a date and she accepts.  He picks her up at her home, but Bernice tells them that the dog next door Frankie was abandoned and injured.  Phil takes a look and says it is a spinal injury.  He arranges a chartered fight to take Frankie to a specialist in Naples, Florida. 


The ex-owner of the Informer Rodwell Archibald “RAG“ Godfrey has paid a fortune to radically change his appearance.  Abby goes to the Informer where RAG abducts Abby leaving behind a note demanding $10 million.  Phil arranges a flight for them to go to Los Angeles.  The three Godmothers also fly there.


The camaraderie of the four friends remains very powerful in the latest Godmothers contemporary (see Deadline) while Toot’s concerns for her daughter shows an emotional side of her.  Although there are too many flashbacks and the RAG subplot seems improbable, fans will enjoy Breaking News as the four BFFs succeed in business and relationships without seemingly trying.


Harriet Klausner


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