Out of Bounds-Ellen Hartman

Out of Bounds

Ellen Hartman

Harlequin SuperRomance, Sep 4 2012, $5.50

ISBN: 9780373718016


Madrid Pirates basketball player Wes Fallon is shocked when he learns he was traded to the Serbian team.  When he sees a dog running in traffic, he goes to help only to have a beer truck clip his hip.  His brother Deacon arrives at the hospital to tell him his basketball career is over as he reinjured the shoulder in the accident.  Worried about Wes’ mental state, Deacon hires his sibling to work the Hand to Hand project for their Fallon Foundation he runs with his wife Julia.  Wes agrees just before he goes back to sleep.


After leaving the hospital, Wes heads back to New York to join the Foundation.  Deacon tells him we have a problem in Kirkland, New York.  Blogger Chloe Chastain called with a concern over a missing $65,000 that she and local business owner Trish Jones raised under the Fallon Foundation.  He arrives in Kirkland where he meets Trish’s daughter Posy who he knows conceals something involving the transaction from him.  As Wes investigates and Posy remains elusive, they fall in love but he feels caught between loyalty to his beloved brother who has always been there for him and his woman.


This engaging Fallon contemporary romance (see The Long Shot) stars two delightful protagonists in a fun tale.  The support cast is strong especially little Angel the canine practitioner of chaos theory and Julia whose betting prowess keeps Barry Manilow’s career alive.  .  Fans will enjoy Out of Bounds as Wes and Posy need to start over but will they do it together since the money intrudes on their love.


Harriet Klausner


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