Om Love-George Minot

Om Love

George Minot

Knopf, Aug 14 2012, $25.95

ISBN: 9781400042746


Billy Winslow was once in amidst the East Village galleries.  However, that seems like a lifetime ago as he has become a has-been.  Anyone wondering what happened to Bill Winslow would know he joined the RamAnanda yoga studio on Second Avenue; hoping to find focus rather than his incoherent unfocused lifestyle.


At the studio, Billy is attracted to the youth of Rose, and the élan of Amanda.  He and Amanda move in together.  Billy heads to California to say his good bye to his dying dad.  When, midway through the book, Billy travels to California to be with his ailing father during his final days, Minot finally hits his stride. A genuinely emotional story emerges, and the author takes the reader on a profound journey uninterrupted by random punctuation and yoga terminology. Returning to New York, Billy finds Amanda distant as she conceals a devastating health test results.  Grieving for his dual loss of his father and for his relationship, Billy turns to art and yoga for solace.


Om Love is a convoluted fresh relationship drama starring a fascinating lead character.  Billy makes the storyline work with his profound but strange syntax.  Although several late twists are unnecessary padding, fans who appreciate something oddly different will enjoy yoga with bizarre grammar and weird punctuation.


Harriet Klausner


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