Lady Gone Bad-Sabine Starr

Lady Gone Bad

Sabine Starr

Kensington Brava, Aug 28 2012, $14.00

ISBN 9780758266002


In 1893 Deputy U.S. Marshal Rafe Morgan enters the Red River Saloon in Delaware Bend, Texas to arrest Lady Gone Bad.  He plans to take the outlaw to Judge Parker and Marshal Boles though he knows the Bend is unsafe for lawmen.  He also hopes to find his abducted sister Crystabelle.  Lady soon has him handcuffed while playing the crowd against him.  Wearing a boy’s garb, she flees town but rescues Rafe from a mob lynching.


The mob pursues Rafe and the lad across the Red River.  They are shot, but her singing gives them a respite.  He arrests her though she saves their lives again and takes them to shelter when a storm hits.  When he escorts her in cuffs to Paris, he is shocked to find he is a wanted man as Deputy Marshal Lampkin got to town before him.  They flee into Outlaw Country where she seeks Copper, her stolen horse with a special horseshoe.  Lady and Rafe reach a deal that he helps her find her horse and evidence on the man who killed her parents, and she helps him prove his innocence.  As they fall in love, he revises his options while someone wants her dead.


This engaging western romance provides a strong sense of time and place three decades after theCivil War ended.  Readers will enjoy the brave heroine who thinks in shades of gray while her beloved marshal thinks in black and white.  Although the lead couple stopping in the middle of danger to make love seems inane as their enemies are not taking a time out, fans will enjoy Lady Gone Bad.


Harriet Klausner


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