Almost A Scandal-Elizabeth Essex

Almost A Scandal

Elizabeth Essex

St. Martin’s, Jul 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781250003799


In 1805 Richard Kent dishonored his stunned family when he vanished rather than board the HMS Audacious in Portsmouth.  To save the honor of her family his older sister Sally puts on the British Royal Navy uniform.  She joins the crew of the Audacious as a midshipman.  Sally loves sailing the High seas and being liberated from the rigid rules of polite society as she proves to be a super sailor. 


Lieutenant David Colyear knows the Kent family having sailed with them over the years.  He suspects something not quite right about Richard so he keeps an eye on the lad until Col realizes Richard is Sally.  Col keeps it secret as he knows she is a superior sailor than most of the crew.  However in sea battles with the Spanish and French navies, he becomes concerned for her safety and ready to batter a sailor for bullying her.  As they fall in love amidst the war, neither is ready to deal with this undesirable feeling.


The first Reckless Brides Regency romance is a delightful high seas thriller as love and war merge.  Fast-paced from the moment Sally becomes Richard, fans will enjoy the scandalous behavior of Sally as she is more comfortable in sea battles than in aristocratic balls.


Harriet Klausner


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